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Treasure Island Hi-Lo

Go on a treasure hunt and you can win points with every game you play. What's more, at the end of the month, the player with the highest score wins $50.

If more than one player share the highest score, the pirate's booty is split equally between the top scoring players. This new exciting format guarantees that Treasure Island Hi-Lo pays out $50 in cash every month and not just when a lucky player completes their treacherous journey.

You need to guess if the next number between 1-20 is higher or lower than the previous number. Please note that point circles award points but they're not part of the guessing game.

NEW! You no longer need to claim points. You can keep going as long as you can, and if you cross any point circles, points are added to your balance automatically.

Your highest score for the current month will be the one displayed on the leaderboard. Good luck!