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Super Chef

Fire to win with Winneroo's free Super Chef bubble shooter. Match the same food to get a yummy dish out of them and make sure you let no food go to waste!

In this manic and fun Winneroo-exclusive action game you'll take on the role of an overworked chef who's been let down by his staff and so must make all of the meals in his kitchen solo!

A conveyor belt of half-prepared dishes snakes around the kitchen and you must help him fling plates with similarly-coloured ingredients at the line to help create completed meals.

If you can make clusters of three or more then they disappear and you buy yourself some time, but the snag is the plates are inexorably being pushed towards the rubbish bin as they build up, meaning you've got to be quick as if just one goes in the trash then it's game over! You'll get points for every completed meal plus a bonus should you manage to clear everything off the board in time. Starting "cooking-avalanches" also awards you with amazing multipliers so why not stock up some food before serving?

Just like in our other favourite games Spinneroo and Whack-A-Mole this score will then be submitted to our leader board which is available to view below. The top 25 players who have achieved the highest totals every month will then each receive a reward. But remember, these rewards come on a first-come-first-served basis, meaning that if two players achieve the same score, the player who achieves the score first will be rewarded!