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Spin to win with Winneroo's free Spinneroo slot machine. You have 100 credits to get your maximum score every day, and the top players win prizes every month!

To begin playing all you need to do is first select the amount of credits you want to bet on your spin, the max bet is 10 credits. Once you have your bet level sorted then simply hit the big spin button to start the game.

You can keep spinning the slot reels until your 100 credits have been all used up. As you play the game you will be able to view your current score on the top right of the game window, once you have used all your credits the game is then over and you will receive your final score.

If your score is one of our top 50 then you will make it onto our leaderboard with the top 10 positions all taking home a prize at the end of the month. The best part is you can have another go each day of the month to try and better your score to try and take home one of our real prizes. Leaderboard scores are the top scores from a single game, points are not carried over.

To find out all the different payout combinations simply check the paytable listed below the slot game. Remember that the combinations only payout from left to right.

You will notice we have two special features for you to spin up this first of which is the Free Spins. If you land any of the free spins combinations the game will automatically spin the reels depending on the number awarded. With up to 10 free spins on offer this can really help to boost your overall score.

The second special feature is the Bonus Round. If you happen to spin this up you will be taken to the bonus game which features 6 boxes each containing bonus win amounts which will be added to your score.

You can keep opening boxes until you get the red x which will mark the end of the bonus game and you will then be taken back to the main game to keep playing through your remaining credits. Just like the free spins feature this is a great way to boost points if you land on it so make sure you choose your boxes wisely.

In true Winneroo fashion we offer real prizes up for grabs and Spinneroo is no exception. The top score each month will take home $25 cash followed by $10 cash for second and $5 cash for third. Positions four to ten on our leaderboard will all receive points!

Just like all our fun games, it couldn't be any easier to play and there are real prizes on offer. Why don't you login now and see how big a score you can spin up today. Best of luck.

Play Spinneroo for free and you could be our next winner!

* Our General Terms and Conditions and Spinneroo Terms and Conditions apply.