Virtual Reality Headset
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Fancy an adrenaline blast of racing down a massive rollercoaster drop or running away from a mighty T-Rex all in the comfort and safety of your own living room? Win this a Virtual Reality Headset at Winneroo and all the fun will be at your fingertips!

Free Contest for Virtual Reality Headset

This amazing Virtual Reality Headset can give you a quick departure from the tedious reality. Thanks to Winneroo you could be now watching amazing 3D movies, exploring new uncharted worlds, playing immersive games – you are definitely going find something fun to do!

Just start up your virtual content and slot your smartphone into special holder provided, place it against your eyes then you can adjust the lenses and straps the headset comfortably to you. And now you are ready to get lost! It's really has never been easier to explore virtual reality environments from the comfort of your own home.

The only thing you will require is a compatible Smartphone which is 4 to 6 inch and it also needs to be capable for playing side by side 3D Video to use with this VR headset, most phones can do this.

If you're a fan new techonology then you really don't want to miss out on this free competition. It's totally free to enter, the winner is drawn as soon as the competition closes so you really dont have long to wait. Once you've entered, remember to share this competition with your friends because you get 10 points when they click your link and join Winneroo.