VIP Pets Lady Gi Gi
1 prize

Hamleys has listed VIP Pets as one of this year's top-10 Christmas toys so get ahead of the game and enter our free competition for VIP Pets Lady Gi Gi, a famous party planner who loves to be the centre of attention.

Free Contest for VIP Pets Lady Gi Gi

VIP Pets are billed as the 'coolest and cutest' pets around, and each of them have unique character traits - Lady Gi Gi is cool on the dance floor with some fantastic moves. She adores parties and club music, and is funny, a bit bossy, and likes things done her way.

You can style her hair with accessories, and you can even wash and dry hair her hair whilst she's hanging out with friends at the beauty salon. VIP Pets are suitable for children over 36 months (and why not adults too!)

You heard it at Winneroo first: VIP Pets will be one of the hottest toys this Christmas so save time looking for that perfect gift and enter our free competition - you have to be in it to win it!