Underwater Dogs
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Award-winning pet photographer Seth Casteel has captured the most incredible images of over 80 paddling pooches. See man's best friend as you've never seem them before!

Free Contest for Underwater Dogs

Seth Casteel's photography book Underwater Dogs has been a surprise bestseller but you'll understand the fuss when you see the gorgeous photographs of over 80 dogs of every size, shape and breed.

Whether the dogs are swimming, diving, fetching or exploring the water, their faces show a variety of emotions from focussed and surprised to primal and just silly. This book is a must -have for every dog person.

Entering this competition costs two biscuits and a pig's ear - only joking - just like all other Winneroo competitions it's totally free to enter. You can play Winneroo on your computer, tablet or phone. (Or should I say dog and bone if you're from the East End of London.)