The Chimp Paradox
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You'll embrace your inner monkey and achieve sporting success if you win this book about performance psychology and unlocking your inner potential!

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It's not enough nowadays to just be physically competent at your chosen sport - you also need to be mentally prepared to perform at the absolute peak of your abilities. Athletes have struggled with this aspect for centuries, but it's only relatively recently that sports psychology has become a study of worth within itself.

Well for all you budding gold medallists out there look no further, as top sportspeople swear by the strangely-named methods described within its pages. The author Professor Steve Peters is consultant psychiatrist to Liverpool FC, Sky ProCycling, snooker legend Ronnie O'Sullivan and the England football team (but don't hold that against him, eh?).

His philosophy is that our minds have evolved over time into three distinct elements (that he names the Chimp, the Human and the Computer), each of which serves a different function of varying importance at certain times. He teaches how to harness these aspects in order to maximise your full potential and encourage winning behaviour whether on or off the sporting field.

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