Spaceman USB Light
1 prize

Winneroo is giving away an out of this world prize a Spaceman Light. It will make a space-saving alternative to desk lamps! The bright light of the Spaceman will light your way.

Free Contest for Spaceman USB Light

The adorable astronaut light is suspended on his cable, emitting a bright white light to illuminate your laptop, desk or computer keyboard. It is also a great space-saving alternative to a full size desktop lamp. 

The Spaceman USB Light doesn't require any batteries, it can easly slot straight into your Kindle, Mac or PC. It can even be used in your iPhone charger by taking the charging cable out of the plug! How cool is that? 

The Spaceman's cable will bend and curve to your desired shape and angle, and even more cool the spaceman's helmet acts as the LED light's on and off switch.This super amazing Spaceman USB Light will make your desk look really fun and funky, it's as useful as he is practical sheding light on your desk and working area.

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