Sound God Headphones
1 prize

Winneroo bring you best High Definition sound quality and performance with the chance to win this smashing Sound God Headphones. You can now blast out your tunes in total style!

Free Contest for Sound God Headphones

These awesome Headphones are not just super slick and stylish they are also comfortable and quite impressive in it’s High Definition sound quality and performance.

You can use the Sound God Headphones with all phones, tablets and computers and laptops, just make sure your device has a regular sound plug. These cool headphones come with a long 1.5m cord that give you plenty of space to dance arround and shake your moves.

Sound God Headphones are also distortion-free bass quality, so it will give you a great experience with dance music aswell as other music genres. you can really tune out abnd focus on the beat. They also have a cool retro vibe to them, so you will super cool on the go!

It won't cost you a penny to enter for the chance to win these awesome Sound God Headphones but please check that your Winneroo membership level is the same or higher that is required for an entry. Also make sure you log in and click the big red "Enter Now" button when the competition opens for entries.

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