Salt Genie
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As seen on Dragon's Den, the Salt Genie is an award-winning new salt dispenser that guarantees to stop salt clogging up even in the most humid climates. Be the first to get your hands on this revolutionary new kitchen innovation - we're giving away 40 Salt Genies totally free!

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The Salt Genie has already impressed the Dragons on the BBC's Dragon's Den, and it won the prestigious Best Product award at the 2013 Autumn Fair International.

The Salt Genie's revolutionary design stops salt from clogging up even in humid climates or when you go camping or boating. It dispenses salt evenly but not excessively, and it's easy to fill and refill.

You'll see Salt Genies everywhere soon so enter our free competition now and you could win a Salt Genie before they take over kitchens and dining rooms wherever you go. We've got 40 Salt Genies to give away so you've got a good chance of winning!