Retro Sweets Box
1 prize

Savour a mouth-watering trip down memory lane with a box packed full of the most nostalgic and 'Best of British' retro sweets. Just promise us you'll brush your teeth afterwards, yes?

Free Contest for Retro Sweets Box

This is a free competition for any of you out there with a serious, hardcore sweet tooth. Your memories as well as taste buds are going to be stimulated by this heaving box of tuck shop favourites from the days of our youth - it's absolutely rammed with classic confections such as sherbet fountains, Space Dust, candy whistles and BlackJacks.

Weighing in at a half a kilo of sugar-frosted joy you'll become awash both with sucrose and youthful recollections of the grumpy man in the corner newsagent weighing out a quarter of sweetie joy into paper bags (and hopefully not the memory of the tummy ache after over-indulging!)

This competition is absolutely free to everyone of the appropriate Level so smack your lips and get entering before the final entry date!

And be aware if you share this page with your friends you'll get 10 free points if they then sign up with Winneroo!


  • Dip Dab: 1
  • Sherbet Fountain: 1
  • Candy Stick Box: 1
  • Mini Love Heart Rolls: 2
  • Candy Whistles: 2
  • Candy Lipsticks: 2
  • Drumsticks: 2
  • Fireball Jawbreakers: 1
  • Happy Tattoo: 2
  • Fizzers: 2
  • Mini Parma Violets: 2
  • Fruit Salad Chews: 5
  • Black Jack Chews: 5
  • Chocolate Footballs: 5
  • Anglo Bubbly: 2
  • Refreshers Chew: 2
  • Chocolate Coins: 1
  • Tongue Painter Lolly: 1
  • Space Dust: 1
  • Rainbow Dust Straw: 4
  • Rainbow Drops: 1
  • Swirly Lolly: 1