Remote Controlled Helicopter
1 prize

These miniature whirlybirds are awesome fun and ridiculously simple to fly - youngsters and big kids alike can't put them down once they've picked up the controls. We've given away a squadron of them and they're a massive Winneroo favourite!

Free Contest for Remote Controlled Helicopter

Budding chopper pilots can live out their dreams with this Syma S107G lightweight remote controlled helicopter. It boasts a pair of selectable frequencies allowing you to fly two helicopters at once, which is fantastic for races around the living room or office.

We're offering as a prize the enhanced version of the miniature machine which has an upgraded gyro stabiliser system for easy and precise control in 3 directions: up and down, forward and backward as well as turning clockwise and anti-clockwise. The twin-engined dinky copter is designed to be inherently stable and balanced in flight so you'll find yourself landing and then taking off again with ease.

You can re-enact your favourite helicopter-based scenes from Apocalypse Now, Airwolf and Blue Thunder or simply imagine you're a diminutive Prince William, search and rescuing tiny dog walkers who have accidentally fallen down a pocket-size cliff face. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

So if you're on the right Level for this competition enter without delay before the deadline is up and the choppers fly away! And be sure to share this page with your buddies because you get 10 points when they join Winneroo, (and maybe they'll let you play with their copter if they win!)