Poinsettia with Chocolates
1 prize

This vibrant red poinsettia plant will instantly get you in the mood for Christmas, and we're already feeling so festive we're throwing in a cheeky box of choccys too. You can enter this competition 100% free, and the prize will be delivered straight to the lucky winner. It couldn't be easier to get festive this Christmas!

Free Contest for Poinsettia with Chocolates

Poinsettia is the classic red Christmas flower with vibrant red leaves and this poinsettia is like no other because it comes with a box of yummy Christmas chocolates. But don't think that poinsettia is just for Christmas because we still have one from last year and it's looking gorgeous. We don't expect such a long life for the chocolates though because they're too scrummy to keep in the box!

So if you want to get in the mood for Christmas then enter this free Winneroo competition for Poinsettia with Chocolates because with a bit of luck your name will come out of the hat first. (To be honest there's no hat because the winner is drawn automatically by the computer but let's not let that fact get in the way of some good festive spirit!)