Nutella Spread 750g Tub
1 prize

Chocolate lovers you have a chance to win a family sized tub of Nutella. We know you simply couldn't imagine the world without it!

Free Contest for Nutella Spread 750g Tub

Everyone’s favourite chocolate spread Nutella is up for grabs in a huge 750g tub size. It will be a fun addition to to a yummy breakfast or snack :) mmm... yummy!

It's very yummy and sweet! You can use it in various things, such as baking, sandwiches, spoonful’s : ) You might even like to melt it into a hot drink! Everything taste better with a bit of Nutella.

It couldn't be any easier to win - just be sure to enter this competition while it is open and this massive tub of Nutella could be yours!

And remember, if you share this page with your friends you'll also gain 10 points when your friend joins Winneroo and you both have a chance to win this awesome and tasty prize.