Mrs Brown's Boys Series 3 DVD
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Agnes Brown runs her home with an iron fist and is never at a loss for words, especially swear words. Watch all six episodes from the hilarious third series of the Dublin-set sitcom.

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The critics have panned it but TV audiences have fallen head over heals in love with Irish widower Mrs Brown - created by writer/director Brendan O'Carroll. The show is unique in that the studio audience often plays part in the scene, and sometimes even joins in for an impromptu musical number.

This DVD includes all six episodes from the third series of the show, and depicts Mrs Brown's daily grind and frequent run-ins with her sons, daughter Kathy, best friend Winnie and various in-laws and grandchildren.

This competition is totally free to enter, and the winner gets Mrs Brown's Boys Series 3 DVD - it's only just released on DVD. Enter now and Mrs Brown could be coming your way soon!