Moshi Monsters Mystery Present
10 prizes

Winneroo welcomes you to Moshi Monsters, a virtual world where children can adopt a pet monster, make new friends and solve puzzles. We're handing out the gift of Moshi to 10 fortuitous winners!

Free Contest for Moshi Monsters Mystery Present

Moshi Monsters is an online game where children can adopt and go on fun adventures with their own Moshi Moshlings. There's fun games and puzzles where players can win Rox, a unique Moshi Monsters currency that allows players to level up their Moshi Monster and grow flowers that attract rare Moshlings.

Each Moshi Monsters Mystery Present comes with four Sparkle Moshlings so there's a total of 40 monstrous Moshi Monsters up for grabs in this free Winneroo competition. Moshi Monsters are amazingly popular with young children so this competition is perfect if you have youngsters, or have friends with little ones that enjoy playing online games in a safe environment.

It won't cost a thing to enter this competition but remember to check that your membership level is high enough for an entry. Don't worry if you're not quite there yet because you can earn Winneroo points quickly by entering competitions, playing our free games and sharing Winneroo with your friends!