Monopoly Millionaire
1 prize

Monopoly Millionaire is just like the classic property board game, but there's a new twist. The first to a million wins so there's no need to bankrupt everybody, and there's exciting new locations to match the millionaire lifestyle.

Free Contest for Monopoly Millionaire

Do you find that you get bored of playing Monopoly before you've found the winner? This won't happen with Monopoly Millionaire because the first player to bank one million wins.

It has all the fun, drama and excitement of the classic Monopoly board game but the games pack more thrills and spills because risk-takers are often rewarded with great fortunes.

Monopoly Millionaire is suitable for ages 8 and up, and there's new properties such as Paradise Island and Party Plaza. Enter before it's too late, and you could win Monopoly Millionaire for free.