Mega Bloks Kids Set
1 prize

Winneroo is giving away a perfect prize for little hands, the Mega Bloks Kids Set includes 60 brightly coloured First Builders blocks for your little ones to enjoy and have endless fun with. Enter this free competition now and don't miss out!

Free Contest for Mega Bloks Kids Set

Winneroo knows how hard it can be to keep your little ones occupied. That why we are giving away this super fun Mega Bloks Kids Set. It will fuel your little builder’s imagination to construct tall towers and fantastic fortresses.

First Builders blocks are made big so it's easy to pick up and build wonderful creations together. It also comes with a very useful and super cool storage bag so when playtime is over it the blocks can be neatly tidied away.

The recommended age range for this toy is between 12 months and 5 years but we are sure even adults can have fun helping there little ones have endless funs with this great building blocks. The bag will contain 60 building blocks and of course endless possibilities.

You can enter this competition for free to win Mega Bloks Kids Set, if you’re level is the same or higher than that shown above on the page. Register now if you haven't got round to it yet and get your draw entry in before the deadline! Don’t forget to share this competition with friends and you will get an extra 10 points in gratitude from us if they sign up and become part of the Winneroo family.