Kindle Paperwhite
1 - 1000entries per player
1 prize

Based on feedback on our Facebook page, here's the next SuperComp and the prize is none other than a fabulous Kindle Paperwhite e-reader with a stunning 6" display, 2GB storage and 8-week battery life.

Free SuperContest for Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is the premium e-reader with a crystal clear 6" display that works perfectly even in direct sunshine, it's super light at just 206 grams, it has 2GB internet storage, 8-week battery life and wi-fi for internet connectivity.

Exclusive to Winneroo, SuperComps are special competitions where Level 5 players can use their points on Level 5 to get extra tickets into the draw. Only points on Level 5 can be used and the points spent won't affect Player of the Month rankings.

In this Kindle Paperwhite competition Level 5 players can get up to a whopping 1000 tickets so remember to share Winneroo and play our free games to improve your chances of winning!