Giant Snickers Bar
1 prize

Any of you that fancy a challenge and have a serious craving for chocolate and peanuts then your prayers have been answered! Win this competition and a Giant Snickers Bar that's nearly a foot long will be yours to gobble!

Free Contest for Giant Snickers Bar

This Snickers bar is so huge that it's actually classified as a lethal weapon in 15 U.S. states. That's not entirely true perhaps, but cripes, it's just so enormous!

Packed with a scrumptious blend of peanuts, nougat, caramel and chocolate it packs enough calories to fuel you up for a polar expedition - or even a walking trip around the world, as this Snickers weighs in at a whopping 450g! (An angle grinder to help chop it up into manageable chunks is not included in the prize, alas).

We hope that the winner of this free competition will eat the Giant Snickers Bar responsibly (or share it with their friends and family) because we won't accept any liability for sky-rocketing cholesterol levels and/or never-ending sugar highs.

You'll need to be of the indicated Level to enter and need to do so before the deadline day - and remember, you can improve your chances of getting a taste of this colossal chocolate bar by sharing this free competition with some friends. You'll get 10 points when they join Winneroo (and maybe they'll give you a chunk of the choc if they win!)