Football Widows - Romantic Comedy DVD Box Set
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While World Cup fever is gripping the nation and England take on Italy, we appreciate that not everyone is nuts about footie so we've arranged a Football Widows mini-series of 90-minute competitions starting with a free draw for this box set of three popular romantic comedies: This Means War, What's Your Number and Date Night.

Free Contest for Football Widows - Romantic Comedy DVD Box Set

We've arranged this free competition to coincide with England's attempt to beat Italy in the football World Cup. Instead of watching a bunch of men kick a ball around, we've allowed 90 minutes for entries and once the time is up, we'll draw one winner for a DVD box set consisting of three super-funny romantic comedies from the last couple of years.

This Means War (2012) stars pretty boy Chris Pine and hunky Tom Hardy as two expert CIA agents and best friends who unbeknownst to each other start dating the same woman, Lauren, played by Reese Witherspoon. As expected, the boys fall out spectacularly and start using advanced espionage and counter-surveillance techniques to bring each other down and win Lauren over.

In What's Your Number? (2012), Ally becomes conscious that she's reached her self-imposed limit of 20 intimate partners and decides that instead of adding to the score and breaking her promise, she attempts to find true love amongst the collection of past conquests with the help of her womanising neighbour Colin.

The last comedy in the box set, Date Night, features Tina Fey and Steve Carell as Claire and Phil Foster, a suburban couple that feel that their everyday life including their weekly date night has become mundane, and that they desperately need to rekindle their spark. A romantic evening in New York takes a dramatic turn after a case of mistaken identity, and Claire and Phil get to experience more excitement that they bargained for.

You won't find our exclusive Football Widows series of free competitions anywhere else so don't miss out on the chance to win this romantic comedy box set when the England match kicks off!