Fast Cash Friday
20 prizes

If you've got the speed then twenty Winneroo players can each nab a tidy £5 in cool cash - just enter this fast-moving competition within an hour of its opening time to be in the race for a payout! The results don't hang around either, so on your marks, get set and get ready to rush for Fast Cash Friday!*

Free Contest for Fast Cash Friday

Treat yourself to something nice on Saturday morning by winning our 'Fast Cash Fridays' competition: Every week we’re giving away Love2Shop Vouchers - but you've got to be quick on the draw as to qualify for entry you've got to log in and enter before an hour elapses after the competition starts! Whoosh!

The results will click up on the page instantly so you won't be on tenterhooks for too long, plus don't worry if you've got other important stuff to be getting on with – just check the Winners page at your convenience to see if you've hit gold!

To join Fast Cash Friday, hurry to get your entry in before the closing time because you only have an hour to enter. And always remember that if you share the page with your circle of friends then you'll receive 10 points if they subsequently sign up with Winneroo. If you win, then please claim your prize and confirm your address to us within 14 days so we can send you your prize as fast as humanly possible.

So peel your eyes and gather up your skirts (or trousers...) and be ready for Fast Cash Fridays!