Fairy Non-Bio Powder
1 prize

Winneroo is not only your number one internet destination for fun comps and games, we even wash your clothes for you! Well, that is if you win this free competition for a huge 5.2kg family pack of Fairy Non-Bio Powder.

Free Contest for Fairy Non-Bio Powder

The Fairy Non-Bio Powder is dermatologically tested and awarded the British Allergy Foundation's Seal of Approval so it's huggably soft for sensitive skin and leaves clothes brilliantly clean. The marketing materials state that it's been the choice of most mums for years but as we're forward thinking here at Winneroo, it's great for dads too!

There's a mountainous 5.2kg of powder in the box so it's good for at least 65 washes based on 80g per wash. Depending on how many spaghetti bologneses you eat it can give you up to a full year of clean silky soft garments!

Forget glitz and glamour for a moment and enter our free competition for Fairy Non-Bio Powder – with a bit of luck you'll make a 'clean sweep' of the top prize in this comp giving you 12 months of clean clothes totally free. And while you're at it, click the share buttons too because you get 10 points for every friend that joins Winneroo!