Downton Abbey Box Set
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Now that Downton Abbey is returning for the fourth series we're offering the chance to win a box set with the first three series plus the dramatic 2011 Christmas special. Don't miss out on a chance to catch up with the Granthams, Crawleys and their servants.

Free Contest for Downton Abbey Box Set

This Downtown Abbey box set is a real treat as it includes all 24 episodes to date: seven from the first series (starting just after the sinking of the Titanic), eight from the second series (World War I years) and eight from the third series (post-War years) plus the dramatic 2011 Christmas special.

Downton Abbey hardly needs an introduction as it's one of the most popular TV shows of recent years but for anyone who's spent the last 5 years living on a deserted island, it's a glorious costume drama following the lives and loves of an aristrocatic family and their servants.

Now that Downton Abbey is back with the fourth season there's no better time to catch up on the story so far. You can win this amazing box set totally free - simply enter our free competition and it could be yours!