Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition
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You can now enjoy the popular Doctor Who series with this awesome newly released collector's boxset edition. Join the time-travelling genius as he rights wrongs across the vast arc of galactic history!

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The popularity of Doctor Who since his modern revitalisation spans all ages and has brought nerdy nirvana to geeks the world over. A succession of excellent new Doctors and brilliant scripts have explored numerous ingenious sci-fi plots and brain-twisting notions, with stories both amusing and terrifying that hark back to the classic era of the series. Well here at Winneroo the 'Whovians' in the office were keen to mark the Doctor's 50-year anniversary with a suitable celebration, and that comes now in the form of this time-bending-twisting competition.

This special DVD boxset includes the 50th anniversary special 'The Day of the Doctor', Matt Smith's Farewell; The Time of the Doctor, the Series 7 finale; The Name of the Doctor, the Eighth Doctor's surprise regeneration into John Hurt's War Doctor plus 'The Night of the Doctor'. And if that wasn't all you also get Mark Gatiss' award winning drama about the genesis of Doctor Who 'An Adventure in Space and Time' plus the hilarious 'Five-ish Doctors', starring Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, all of whom are annoyed at not being invited back to star in the 50th Anniversary special themselves.

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