BOOMco Blasters
1 prize

The fortuitous winner of this free competition can have a real blast with two BOOMco Dual Defender Blasters with 6 'smart stick' darts and awesome accuracy up to 70 feet. Batteries not required for lots of dual blasting fun!

Free Contest for BOOMco Blasters

The BOOMco Dual Defender Blasters feature 6 'smart stick' dards that are amazingly accurate fired from as far as 70 feet (21 metres). The darts will stick to into shields and targets making it easy to assess your accuracy and damage inflicted on your unfortunate adversaries.

These BOOMco Blasters are air-powered so batteries are not required, and they arrive with six darts and a target for practising your accuracy before you commence in battle with or against your friends. The BOOMco blasters are suitable for children aged 3 years and older but they're lots of fun for adults too.

If you're looking for adrenaline-fuelled fun for your children, or if you enjoy playing war games in the safety of your house or garden, then don't miss out on placing an entry into this free Winneroo competition. Sharing is caring so bring your pals along too because you get 10 points for every friend that joins Winneroo from your invitation!