Black & Decker Dustbuster
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Eradicate dirt and smash filth with this superb hand-held vacuum cleaner. Your home will sparkle like a new pin if you win this free competition!

Free Contest for Black & Decker Dustbuster

We all hate our houses getting grubby as they inevitably do, so here at Winneroo we're positive all of you will want a chance to get hold an amazingly useful device like this. Mimicking the power of nature's most mighty weather systems the Black & Decker Dustbuster uses cyclonic technology to ensure more a powerful and longer lasting suction performance. The 780W machine plugs in to the wall so it won't run out of battery charge inconveniently, and it uses a clever bagless design to further aid convenience when emptying and cleaning it.

Ingeniously, with a flick of a switch the machine can become a blower so you can root the dirt out of grubby places like cluttered garages or blast dead leaves from small gardens and yards. Plus it can be used to blow up items like inflatable mattresses and paddling pools. Versatile, huh?

Black and Decker are renowned for building robust tools so you know this is going to be reliable and tough as nails. And bear in mind that most dust is actually the flakes of human skin that we shed all the time (which can feed bacteria), so the gizmo will help ensure the health of your family and avoid nasty allergies.

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