Anchorman 2 DVD
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By the Beard Of Zeus! You won't immediately regret the decision to enter this competition and win the hilarious sequel to Will Ferrel's finest film ever!

Free Contest for Anchorman 2 DVD

Anchorman was one of the funniest comedy movies of all time and this sequel continues the hilarity. Once again we're privy to the antics of suavely idiotic news anchor Ron Burgundy as he deals with his wife's success dwarfing his own career and becoming a presenter on a burgeoning cable news network.

You'll be in a glass case of emotion as he reassembles the hapless members of his old KVWN Action News team and tries to reignite his previous fame and prestige (with hilarious results) - so don’t act like you’re not impressed. If you love lamp, then you'll love this competition!

We don't know how to put this but this sequel's kind of a big deal - in fact 60% of the time, it works, every time. The film gained glowing reviews and is just as side-splittingly quotable as the first flick, so get your entry in before the deadline (if you're the same Level of membership as the indicator in competition details) and prepare yourself for laugher.

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