Aerobie Frisbee
1 prize

The Aerobie Frisbee holds the Guinness World record for the longest flying disc throw - over quarter a mile! The winner of this free competition gets to put its high quality two-piece construction to the test but be careful because this dics flies twice as far as a conventional frisbees.

Free Contest for Aerobie Frisbee

The Aerobie Frisbee is nothing like the regular frisbees you would find in your local toy store. Its patented technology and unique two-piece construction makes it amazingly aero-dynamic but rather thoughfully it has a soft rubber cushion for comfortable catches.

If you would like to break the world record for the longest throw, please be aware that the current record was achieved over the Niagara falls, and travel to North America isn't included in the prize.

This competition is free to enter as long as you have the required membership level, and it's beneficial to share this competition with your mates because you get 10 points for every pal that joins Winneroo.