2kg Luxury Biscuits Assortment
1 prize

Do you enjoy a nice cuppa with a bickie and always running out? You have the chance to win an amazing 2kg of luxury biscuits almost an unlimited supply.

Free Contest for 2kg Luxury Biscuits Assortment

Everyone loves a bit of bickie with their cuppa tea. We are offering a gigantic 2kg box of luxury biscuits for you to enjoy with your friends and family. There is a different type of biscuit for every biscuit lover.

The box contains everyone’s favourites biscuits; digestive, rich highland shorties, milk chocolate digestive, fruit shortcake, chocolate crumble, shortcake, bourbon creams, sugared jam rings, romany vanilla cream, Oat and syrup biscuit with a cream filling, custard cream and fudge brownie cream.

If you're always running out of biscuits, then this gift is perfect for you to get an unlimited supply. You will not run out of biscuits for a while, if you win this box of yummy biscuits with Winneroo. 

Enter this competition now before it runs out and don't forget to share this competition with your friends. Sending an invite helps you both because your friends get a chance of winning the 2kg Luxury Biscuits Assortment, and you earn 10 points for every friend that joins. More points means higher levels which means more free competitions!