25 Winneroo Points
5 prizes

This free competition is a great opportunity to help you get extra game play and more entries in our Supercomps with the help of these 25 Winneroo Points we are giving away.

Free Contest for 25 Winneroo Points

If you're already playing our free games and have invited all your friends to Winneroo then this competition is great for getting some extra points. Winners will be drawn instantly when the competition closes so if you get lucky, all you need to do is simply log in and claim the points.

Earning points and going up levels is totally unique to Winneroo competitions and you won't find them on any other competition website. When you go up levels you'll have fewer players entering the competitions so you have a better chance of winning!

If you like Winneroo then don't miss out on this chance to win 25 Winneroo Points. Enter before it's too late and invite your friends to Winneroo too - you get 10 points for every friend that joins!