£25 Shopping Vouchers
1 - 250entries per player
1 prize

Don't miss out on a chance to win £25 Shopping Vouchers in our very first SuperComp. In this special competition Level 5 players can use their points on Level 5 to buy extra tickets into the draw.

Free SuperContest for £25 Shopping Vouchers

Fancy going shopping on us? Simply enter this first ever Level 5 SuperComp, and £25 High Street Shopping Vouchers could be coming your way soon!

SuperComps are special prize draw competitions where players on Level 5 can use points to get extra tickets into the draw. Only points on Level 5 can be used so that you won't drop down a level if you enter.

Using points to enter SuperComps doesn't affect Player of the Month rankings, and we don't award the usual point for SuperComp entries. All SuperComps have a minimum and maximum number of tickets per player, and if you have enough points, you can buy more tickets until the competition closes.

Spread the word - we'll be adding more SuperComps soon and with a bit of luck you could win £25 Shopping Vouchers in the first ever SuperComp!